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London, 2019 

During this interview, I change seat, place myself in front of another artist and ask him the questions I wish people asked me. Today, I speak to Swedish brother-composers Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg. The duo takes some time to talk about their approach to music, and their latest release Selected Early Works.


Daniel, Mikael, tell us about yourself. How did you start composing?


Hi! We're two brothers from Sweden and we started making music together as merely small kids. Very early the music became a natural means of expression.


What about working together; how did you initially start?


It just seemed natural, as we did everything together. We complement each other very well and know each other inside and out. Working as a small team is also much more fun.


Tell us about your latest album, Selected Early Works.


Selected Early Works (SEW) collects a couple of our older songs, however edited and mastered in 2019. Musically, it is quite orchestrally arranged and genre-wise a kind of classical music.


There is so much musical diversity in your album from baroque pastiches to epic strings; what is your creative process?


You have everything to gain from not restricting yourself too much. When we compose a piece of music, we never know from the beginning how exactly that piece will develop.


There is a strong cinematic feel in Selected Early Works. What is the importance of images for you?


To us, painting pictures with music is at the basis. The music can then paint different interior landscapes for people and when music produces images or feelings, that's when you have succeeded. If it doesn't evoke anything, it's a failure.


Tell us about how you approached the production of the album.


As we create new material, we usually sit down and develop ideas. We pass the ideas between us. We write down, record demos and evaluate. We will reject and rethink. We start arranging and finally, we record. The whole thing is like a big organic machinery.


So after Selected Early Works what’s next?


For several years now, we have been working on two projects: Atlantis for Blue Spiral Records, and a second project of two EPs featuring Nordic mythology-inspired music for Venus Aeon Records.


Thanks very much Daniel and Mikael. Last one for the road—one book, one album, one film—tell us about your latest cultural pearls?


Nowadays, unfortunately, none of us have much space left to consume much culture. We both have small children and we prioritise spending our time on our own work. 


Bouncing on Daniel and Mikael’s words; If you find yourself in a similar situation, and struggle to find time discovering new music, what about following this guide? Read my review of Selected Early Works.

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