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London, 2019

The Tjernberg brothers, Daniel and Mikael, have spent the last decade composing and releasing music as recording artists—whether through their own releases or through scoring for film and TV. Selected Early Works is their first compilation, released in 2019 with the Italian label Blue Spiral Records, and traces their evolution through the years, the genres and the mediums—from large orchestras to intimate chamber ensembles. Composers for six of the seven pieces, the brothers have also arranged music by Johannes Edvardsson.


Selected Early Works presents a diversity of musical ambiences and ideas. Collection, which sets the tone, displays a wide range of influences and a strong sense of musical direction; epic yet musically absorbing. A mood that is reflected in Fire in the Sky and its references to contemporary avant-garde jazz à la Chesky. The Meeting surprises by its baroque pastiche approach, contemplating a change of musical direction to something more intimate. Both The King and Morning Glory reflect on the influence of myths, fantasy and medieval images through music that is both heroic and amusing. Finally, A Terrible Sight reveals a more romantic side of the composers’ creative approach. Written by Edvardsson, Ominous Dawn is the only piece arranged by the Tjernberg brothers, and differs from a musical personality that skims over new age sonorities. 


Thanks to their experience through different musical ensembles—from progressive metal groups to jazz trios—the Tjernberg brothers have developed a compositional style that is both complex and varied but never overshadowed by displays of musical elaboration. The music of Selected Early Works demonstrates a balance between captivating musical pieces—Collection—and light merry pieces—Morning Glory. The release is a collection of miniature soundtracks; a portfolio of moods and scenes from Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg.

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