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Doug Thomas is a Franco-British artist based in London.


His main medium of expression is music; since founding NOOX — or North of Oxford St., his own production studio — in 2014, Doug has composed, performed, recorded and produced multiple projects, both featuring his own music and other artists’ too. Additionally, he has worked with multiple independent labels and collaborated with artists from other disciplines. 


An aspiring polymath, Doug also ventures in the world of visual arts, through photography and various sketching works. He also designs in own project’s artworks and images. Finally, Doug writes articles, reviews and often interviews his musical peers.


Doug is a lover of food and drink, and this often appears in his universe too.


"Music allows me to express ideas and feelings in a unique way. Each piece I compose is an attempt in finding balance between intellect and beauty, within the limits of my own language and experience. More than a language, music is a way to engage with the above.”

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