Doug Thomas is a French composer and artist based in London.


Since founding his own record label NOOX in 2014, Doug has released numerous solo projects — including the triptych AnglesCassiopeia and Shapes, and The Seasons. Additionally, he has released many collaborative projects including: Ballades with Piano & Coffee Co., Grace with Sonder House, Portraits with Lonely Swallow, Studia with Blue Spiral Records or Pulse with Circa Recordings. 


As a writer Doug publishes articles, interviews and reviews, and is a contributor for Interlude as well as a guest writer on The Cross-Eyed Pianist and ArtMuseLondon. 

"Music allows me to express ideas and feelings in a unique way. Each piece I compose is an attempt in finding balance between interest and beauty, within the limits of my own language and experience. I like the idea that music can provide us with an alternative to our daily life, whether it completes it or helps us take some distance from it."


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