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London, 2018 

Recollections Vol. 1 is the first of a series of compilations designed to showcase some of the most talented independent Contemporary Classical musicians and composers around the world. It has been initiated by the American digital label Sonder House with musician Kyle McEvoy, mastering engineer Alex Saltz, and graphic designers Eric Fenny and Matt C. Whote. Mostly centered around organic piano pieces, ambient and folk music, Recollections Vol. 1 presents the works of musicians from all types of backgrounds and musical style, but all closely related in their approach to music writing.


Melancholy is very often the key word in Recollections Vol. 1. With pieces such as Goodbye by Sunshine Recorder—full of contrasts, ranging from sad to bright—, Elder by Christopher Dicker—that plays around anxiety and hope—, Experience by Dominique Charpentier—that seems to highlight the melancholy of childhood—, but also Walking in the Beauty by Rich Batsford or Lay Me Down to Sleep by Jesse Brown. Most of the pieces of Recollections Vol. 1 follow the Contemporary Classical ethos, such as Lost in the Space by Manuel Zito—that turns a popular rhythm into something completely fresh—, Balance by Kyle McEvoy or Wanderer by Nay Shalom. There are also some more ambient pieces, such as Remember Me by Liefie, Days of Pearl by Elskavon, the beautiful Drawings in the Sky by Jonny Southard, Oslo 6:00am by Eyolf or Fractals by Antarctic Wastelands. Then there are the surprises, the ones that make this compilation even more special. Harmonie District by Marta Cascales Alimbau balances the composer’s musical femininity with romanticism—and a wink to Chopin’s butterfly chords, while Solitude by Sergio Díaz de Rojas is full of musical twists and surprises. Oliver’s Song by Realizer gives a sense of fresh air to the compilation, with a change of instrumentation—from piano to guitar—which is then followed by the acoustic guitar of River Road by Denis Turbide and the chord melody of Night Light by Mark Grundhoefer, closing Recollections Vol. 1 with a jazz touch. An icing on the cake…


The selection of musicians and pieces for Recollections Vol. 1 has been done with such good taste and excellence that it would be a struggle for the listener not to enjoy this pot-pourri of minimalistic pieces. There are some composers that are well-known and some others more obscure, and Recollections Vol. 1 brings light to them in a refined manner. Well done Sonder House!

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