The Lost Art of the Composer-Conductor

Instrumental Discrimination

The Disappearance of Musical Forms

Murakami & Music

The Composer's Block

What Authenticity Really Is

Ives' Approach to Music

Composing 2.0

Why Stravinsky Is the Most Rock'n'Roll of All Composers

Music & Language: An Analogy

Perceiving Music

Death Brings Success

What's with Mozart

Impressionism, a Three-Part Series: In Our Modern World

Impressionism, a Three-Part Series: In Europe

Impressionism, a Three-Part Series: In France

Who Owns What?

More on Musical Quotation

Musical Quotation

Piano, Guitar: The Co-Parents of Music

Why Classics Are, Classics

The Habit of Creation

Avoiding Our Peers

Consonance & Dissonance

The Creativity of Laziness

The MAYA Principle

The Spirits of Music

On Portraits & Landscapes

Collaboration: A One-Person Job

History Repeats Itself

When the Eye Meets the Ear

Music & Language: An Analogy

Quantity Creates Quality

Five Notes

Reconverted Musicians

When the Ear Meets the Eye

Music & Colours

A Day in the Life

Music Is Everywhere

On Tradition & Innovation: The Case of Stravinsky

Primavera & the Seasons: How Nature Influences Music

What's the Rush?

​Why Study The Beatles?

Why The Velvet Undeground & Nico Is the Ultimate Statement of Popular Art
Why Bach Wrote the Rules and Debussy Broke Them All

Contemporary Music for Film: Three Great Soundtracks

Discovering Beethoven: A Visual Introduction

Patrons: Music as a Market

Musical Schizophrenia: Mr. Jekyll & Dr. Hyde

The Trigger of Serendipity: How Inspiration Arises

Is There a Keith Jarrett Blueprint?

On Isolation

A Moderated Compendium of Influences

A Europe of Music

Architect of Sounds

The Art of Mistakes

Musical Meditations

On Indie Classical

The Kitchen & the Pit

A Guide to Music Appreciation


Thou Shall Not Steal

What's with Bach

On Minimalism

Three Shades of Yellow

Three Takes on a Waltz

On Taking Some Distance

The Meaning of Music: An Interpretation

Glitch - Flavia Massimo

Piano Paintings - Mathieu Karsenti

Under Piano Skies - Mathieu Karsenti

Invisible Cities - Luís Mota

re-mains - Tim Van Eyck

Open Up - Charlie Foxtrot Piano Collective

Diamond - Giulio Fagiolini

Creation - Aija Alsina

The Complete Nocturnes - Haley Myles

L'essenza - Christian Carlino
Late Night Sessions - Belle Chen

Tipi - Dominique Charpentier

et - Tom Blankenberg

LifeBlood - Fabrizio Paterlini

The Soul of Things - Clemens Christian Poetzsch

88 Keys - Akira Kosemura

I hope this finds you well in these strange times – Vol. 4 - nonclassical

Music from a Room - Joel Lundberg

Exchanges - Mathieu Karsenti

7 - Dardust

Out of the Past - Gian Marco Castro

Harmony - Borrtex

Una Corda Diaries - Marie Awadis

Transcanadien - Wings for Louise

Home - Nico Pistolesi

Awake to Dream - Reis Taylor Dixon

Sea Songs - Friedrich

Bygones - Mathieu Karsenti

Journey - Angela Tursi

Follow the Pines - Glenn Natale

Surrender - Dmitry Evgrafov

Piano Works - Hior Chronik

Musique? - Mahan Esfahani

MMXIX - Angus MacRae

Live in London - Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree

Downstream Blue - Mathieu Karsenti

Home - Hania Rani

Stay - Chad Lawson

Dreamscapes - Jan-Dirk Platek

Debussy - Rameau - Víkingur Ólafsson

Uto'pians Vol. I - Blue Spiral Records

The Way Out Is Through - André Kellerberg

Viola Abstractions - Mathieu Karsenti

Dangerous Journeys - J. Alex Dias

thōughts - Borrtex

Nobody's Home - Massimo Natali

Forgotten Memories - Federico Truzzi

Healing - Garreth Broke

Selected Early Works - Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg

Things I Couldn't Say - Laura Christie Wall

Decade II - Noirepolde

Ainigma - Richard Hellgren

We Are Infinite - Feryanto

Lapse - Michael Neal

L'Estate del '78 - Marco Di Stefano

Guitar Impromptus - Mathieu Karsenti

Janus - Traveler CS

Rowan Hudson's Passing Ships - Rowan Hudson

Ethereal Chronicles - Lionel Scardino

The Essence - Jeroen Ellferich

Tired of Bach, Tired of Life: Bach Evolution at the Royal Albert Hall

Fragments - Johannes Hirschmann

L'Envol - Jordane Tumarinson

A Sonic Sculptural Wrapping: Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet at Tate Modern

Chrysalide - Dominique Charpentier

Sweet Apple - Dawn Davi

Between Us Ch. 1 - Philip Daniel

Divided - Anna Yarbrough

Movements - Mathieu Karsenti

Carnet de voyage - Dominique Charpentier

The Minimal Piano Series Vol. II - Blue Spiral Records

Tjärn - Klangriket

Piano, Scape and String Works - Lucy Claire

Kaleidoscope - Michael Logozar

Recollections Vol. 1 - Sonder House

inTRO - Bruno Sanfilippo

The Tenth Wave - A Spot on the Hill

Voyager - Lisa Swerdlow

Origins - Affan

Stillness - Aurélien Dumont

This Tree Is Made for Climbing - Philip Daniel

Aitaké Suite for Solo Violin - Mathieu Karsenti

Happy Birthday - Plïnkï Plønkï

Passage - Michael Logozar

Enûma Eliš - Will Frampton

Lux - Traveler CS

Seventh Wave - Michelle Qureshi

Scenarios - Ben Hippen

Salvador - Tommy Berre

See - Muriël Bostdorp

Reminiscence - Dominique Charpentier

Ginger and Cinnamon - Martino Vergnaghi

Unity - Bruno Sanfilippo

Searching - Marie Awadis

Koltrast - Klangriket

The Amsterdam Sessions - Klangriket & Sjors Mans

Light-house - Marta Cascales Alimbau

Pharos - Lars Jakob Rudjord

Semplice - Giuseppe Costa

Gradient - Philip D. Zach

Mono - Simeon Walker

Hue of Indigo and Blue - Michele Giacobbe

Piano Forte - Fabio Fornaroli

A Priori: Music for the Back of Your Mind - Christopher Dicker

Consolatio - Martino Vergnaghi

Isolated - Roberto Attanasio

Bachspace - Bachspace

Domum - Aija Alsina