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London, 2018


Italian composer Martino Vergnaghi returns with his latest EP Ginger and Cinnamon, a collection of five pieces for solo piano, released in March, 2018. The title suggests music that refreshes the mind and cleanse the soul. An association that could not be a better fit to Vergnaghi, who specialises in music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism—qualities that are often related to New-Age Music. 


One of Vergnaghi musical signature is his talent at writing lyrical pieces and memorable melodies, well demonstrated in Many Questions, as well as a constant search to make the instrument sing, as in Long Ago. Additionally, harmonic diversity is once again found in Vergnaghi’s music from his ability at moving key centers and creating tasteful modulations and musical illusions—Eternal Stillness. 

The Curious Walker—my favourite piece—sits in the middle of the album, and acts as a refreshing ballade. Finally, Coming Home, through a series of musical episodes, bears a sensation of positivity and conveys the satisfying idea of conclusion.


Ginger and Cinnamon is not full of surprises or departures from Vergnaghi’s compositional style. However it is a perfect follow up to Consolatio and Landscapes, both released in 2017, and provides us with an agreeable musical moment which successfully reaches its desired purpose of relief and journeying, and leaves us with a mindful of melodies.

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