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London, 2021

“Circus”, a short rhapsody for a pentacle ensemble, was composed for Piano Day 2021. It is an homage not to 88 keys, but to 440. Five pianos — our favourite tuning frequency.


Not only everything in “Circus” resolves around the piano, but the piece itself resolves around the number five: in 5/4, with a five-part structure revolving around grouping of five bars and using of course, the pentatonic scale! 


It is also an imaginary circus soundtrack. Below follows a short announce to accompany the piece.


Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town! 

Tonight, a brand new show, for your best enjoyment. 

The celebrated troupe is back! Elephants, horses, mighty lions and tigers through rings of flames, what a scene!

Don't be late! Aerial acts, trapeze and acrobats.

Daredevils, fire spitters and knife-eaters. They'll all be here! 

Don't miss it! Equilibrists, tumbling and trampoline.

You will not believe your eyes. Juggling, plate spinning and rolling globe, only the greatest!

A splendid show, second to none, is guaranteed for all! 

Tonight only!

Listen to the single.

Buy the single.

Buy the sheet music.

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