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London, 2023

The Audiographies series is a project which merges both my passions for music and for travel. I sustain my artistic life by working in hospitality, and thanks to this I have had the opportunity to travel a lot. When I am on the road, I constantly capture environmental sounds. These are the elements that I have used as the raw material for the series. The end goal being to turn these captures into the basis for a soundscape journey. 


I treat the sound, manipulate it until it becomes an entity of its own. Once I have done that, I put myself in the context of recording with a piano, and improvise parts over selected sections. 


I have played with sound collages in my works in the past already — such as with "Chapel of Silence", a field recording of an early Pimlico morning during the lockdown of the pandemic, and Tension/Release, a project which plays around collages of violin strings scratched —, and the Audiographies series pushes the intention a little further. 


This first volume features Latvian orthodox chants, field recordings of Angkor and the Andes, as well as some visits at the Tate Modern, miscellaneous city sounds, and the beautiful Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet composed by Gavin Bryars. 

Listen to the album.

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