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London, 2020

Tension/Release completes two projects recorded in 2020; Anxiety/Serenity and Pianning. All three relate to each other in their use of tape delay and digital treatments, as well as process music. 


Similarly to Anxiety/Serenity, Tension/Release evokes the response of the world in front of the spread of the COVID-19 — the balance between calm and quietness, trouble and worry.

Inspired by the sounds of nature — especially the ones of Southern France’s cicadas — the project plays on the balance between comforting sounds and stressing ones. 


The duo No Mindless Scroll provided much of the basis of the pieces, thanks to their scratching and itching violin and viola loops. 


An atonal work — in the complete absence of musical notes — Tension/Release is a project that intends to reflect on how anxiety breeds in the human mind, regardless of stimuli. 

Listen to the album.

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