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London, 2019 

In the fall of 2018, Swedish artist and multi-instrumentalist Klangriket (aka Fabian Rosenberg) released his first solo EP entitled Tjärn. It is his second release on the Piano and Coffee Records label—the first one being The Amsterdam Sessions, in collaboration with Sjors Mans. Tjärn is a very personal and descriptive EP, ranging from contemporary piano nocturnes to electronic synth experimentations and ambient pieces, all immersed in the composer’s musical sphere. Later in 2018, a selection of remixes by similar Swedish artists has been released under the name of Tjärn (Reworked).


Elin opens the EP with a very sparse piece for prepared piano, that is ornamented with distorted noises and electronic textures, and then by uncomfortable strings on the verge of creaking. Björk is a contemporary piano nocturne that links several fragments, appearing as attempts at reaching musical satisfaction through a constant electronic drone that delicately and progressively drowns the piano in swirls of sound. Ljusterö is a serene piece that leaves more space for solo piano. Full of enchanting melodic ideas, it is a composition that reflects on nostalgia. Skogsrå is the most pictorial piece of the EP. If Ljusterö has left space for solo piano, Skogsrå has taken it out completely; replacing it with electronics, ambient sounds and dramatic rhythm boxes. The anxious piece slowly builds up to an eventual relieving climax.


As a(n essential) complement is the set of reworks entitled Tjärn (Reworked). Two highlights are the reworks of Björk and Skogsrå by the Swedish musicians Jakob Lindhagen, Vargkvint and Joakim Alfvén.


Since 2016, Klangriket has been focusing on finding his identity as a composer and producer. Through his releases, The Amsterdam Sessions or the single Koltrast, it has become clearer and clearer. To me, it feels like Tjärn brings even more light on the composer’s musical personality. Besides, I believe the origins and culture of a composer are often reflected in his music, and Klangriket is no exception. Through this EP, I can picture the vast Northern forests—Björks—and archipelago—Ljusterö—,and I can travel through the Scandinavian folklore—Skogsrå. Tjärn is an EP that reflects both an intimacy with the composer and a cultural musical painting. 

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