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London, 2019

After having started to play the piano autodidactically, it is through the minimalism of Einaudi and Arnalds that the British composer Laura Christie Wall developed her creative identity. Things I Couldn’t Say is her debut EP released with the Italian label Blue Spiral Records; it is an opportunity for the pianist to share some emotions that were until now kept silent and unphrased. 


Before Light is a very lyrical piece that immediately reflects the Einaudi influence that the composer has mentioned in her album notes—one can really hear a similar approach towards treating very little musical material and expanding it gradually. Wall’s music appears as very spontaneous. The Space Between Us is crafted on a sparse arrangement that builds up and varies harmonic material through rhythmic treatment. Similarly, Alyssa’s Song is based on a simplistic melody that travels through different accompaniments and pianistic registers, and develops over time. Far from Love, comparably to the opening piece is based on a very discreet melody over a very sporadic structure that allows the music to breathe and flow. Finally—and surprisingly—Becoming is a piece tinted with new colours and unexpected musical choices; it differs a lot more from the previous pieces, and is as much of a closing piece than an opening one for future works from the composer. 


Wall, who studies psychology has initiated a process of identifying similarities between both worlds; through her lyricism and emotionalism, the British musician proves that once more when feelings transcend words, the language of music imposes itself as the best medium of expression. 

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