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2020-01-12 - artwork shapes.jpg

London, 2020

Shapes is a 2020 project consisting of three short pieces for piano. It completes my triptych of nocturnes — Angles and Cassiopeia


Five years after the release of my first project Short Stories, Vol. 1&2, I am in the process of deconstructing it. In effect, I have now realised that these musical structures — the short stories — make more sense either independently, or in relationship with others. While I initially approached the project as a potpourri of my musical inclinations, I now feel that I want to develop the concept of the stories individually, in order for them to relate to other projects better; connecting the dots that I have been writing over the last couple of years in order for it to all make sense. It is the case of Shapes. In these three set of pieces, the idea of geometry and structure is omnipresent. It seems to have been a foreshadow of how I start to perceive music; that is the perception of being an architect of sound.  


Shapes follows the path of Angles and Cassiopeia in the fact that these are very calm pieces, performed softly and gently and ideally nocturnally. Whether perceived as a set or individually, these nine pieces represent a lot of my approach to music and the music that influences me. 

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