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London, 2022

Orchestrina 1 was released in early 2021 as a birthday gift to my twin nephews; in the writing which accompanied the release of the project, I had mentioned my wish to have this work and its following numbered as they are dedicated to the next generations, which will hopefully be of many! Orchestrina 2 is therefore dedicated to my baby nephew who celebrates his first year, this year! 


It is a project written for an instrument which is both very simple and quite complex at the same time; the kalimba — aka the finger piano. An instrument used in traditional music and often found in toys shops tool. Rather than following the theme and variations like Orchestrina 1 had done, this work approaches the instrument through short explorative studies. 


Composed entirely on the instrument, Orchestrina 2 showcases the different facets of the kalimba, as well as the complexity that composing for such a limited and restricted instrument exposes.

Listen to the album.

Buy the album.

Buy the sheet music.

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