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London, 2021

Orchestrina 1 is a project born in 2017 with earlier sketches from 2015 and finalised in 2021. It is composed for solo piano, through the form of theme & variations. The project takes its full measure when played on a music box, which is the medium I used to dedicate this work to my twin nephews. 


Should they wish to later learn to play the piano, I made Orchestrina 1 simple enough for beginners — with some more challenging parts —, but nevertheless with surprises here and there; such as the time signature of 5/4, introducing the children to interesting musical concepts. There are nine variations to the theme and each of them focuses the difficulty on one hand at the time, exploring musical devices such as motivic development, inversion and counterpoint via the medium of the canon.


Orchestrina is numbered as I hope to dedicate more of my works to the next generations…

Listen to the album.

Buy the album.

Buy the sheet music.

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