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One-Third is a collection of early observations, young meditations, collected thoughts and small wisdom.

These writings have been collected over the past ten years, between 2012 and 2022 and celebrate Doug Thomas reaching his thirty-third year — an age which he has decided to consider a milestone. This writing is the realisation of the need to share a small but perhaps helpful experience and an opportunity to give others the wish to reflect on themselves too. These are the author’s own experiences and their results are often unique.

To Doug Thomas, it is essential to constantly observe, reflect, learn and reflect again. This also applies to being. And this is what One-Third is, an observation of ourselves.

One-Third is one third of life lived and lessons learned.

If many works have influenced the writing of One-Third, Marc Aurelius’ Meditations is probably the one which the book takes its blueprint the most from. The intentions of Doug Thomas, whilst humble, are similar in ambition.

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