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London, 2018 

Lux is a three-part series created by American musician Cameron Fitzpatrick aka Traveler CS. Based in North Carolina, the composer and producer ventures in the world of soundscaping and electronic explorations with three pieces that reflects some of his diverse influences and musical intentions, with pieces that are both quiet and exciting.


Lux I plunges us into an electronic pulsating synthesised world recalling the works of Kraftwerk, or more recently Nils Frahm or the Orb. A mid-tempo piece, Lux I slowly morphs through layers of musical cells, alternating between darkness and clarity. Lux II brings us back in nature—a few decades ago in the British countryside of Pink Floyd and their likes—demonstrating Fitzpatrick’s interest for the wonders of the natural world through a well chosen balance between the acoustic of the piano, and the ricochet and slide of the synthesiser. Lux III rides the wave of continuous music and transcendental maximalism, reflecting on Lux II and its focus on acoustic instrument with a more discreet use of electronics.


To fully understand Fitzpatrick’s intention with Lux, I strongly recommend to listen to this musical triptych with a good pair of headphones, embracing the feeling of being washed in light and sound. My only regret with Lux is the feeling that Fitzpatrick has only scratched the surface of a musical concept and project that could be further developed into a bigger and longer journey. In other words, more music!

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