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London, 2017

Roberto Attanasio is an Italian pianist, composer and sound engineer based in Rome. Isolated, his latest release following two successful albums with 1631, focuses on his instrument of choice—the piano—through a collection of musical acts which explore the concept of isolation.

The notion of isolation is illustrated by the idea of being separated and left to oneself. On the opening chords of Isolated, it seems very obvious why this album is going to take you out of the moment, and allow you to take some distance. Whether it is following the natural path of the album or picking randomly through the different acts, Isolated gives you enough space to wander through your imagination and thoughts. 

The choice of recurring themes in this voyage gives a sense of direction, as if Attanasio wanted us to understand that although a very solitude experience, we were accompanied by him. Through his pieces, he invites us to reflect on ourselves, and take some time on our own and away from reality. Attanasio’s approach is in a way very didactic and altruistic.

Isolated is full of romanticism and poetry, but there is an obvious heritage of minimalism in Attanasio’s music—from the use of recurring pulses and patterns (Isolated VII) to the refined approach to rhythm and melody (Isolated VI). In some ways, this album feels like a tribute to the music of the great piano composers, Yann Tiersen (Isolated V), Nils Frahm (Isolated IV) or Philip Glass (Isolated III). 

There is a strong feeling of impromptu in Isolated, a sense of intimacy and the feeling of being close to the performer. Attanasio’s music is full of warmth, just in time for these cold winter nights…

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