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London, 2018 

Initially released in 2006 by Argentinian composer Bruno Sanfilippo, inTRO has been remastered and expanded for a special new release in 2018. Featuring the seven original soundscapes—as well as two new additional tracks—inTRO is a project that gives the opportunity for the composer to make us travel through his exploration of dreams, imagination and self-search. A lot less emotional than some of his previous releases, inTRO seems to want to elevate and invite us to observe and feel introspection.


Each piece contained in inTRO seems to have its own purpose and journey for the listener, contrasting and complementing each other. inTROworld and its dramatic drumming makes us travel to the sandy dunes of the Atlas, while inTROsacro transports us in the byzantine churches of Orient. inTROmental features hypnotic bells and electronic phasings that plunge the listener in a futuristic dream state of mind, while the contrasting inTROpiano consists of what seems to piano fading musical phrases over a layer of white noises—with a complete absence of feeling of tempo and time allowing the listener to get lost in the music. inTROvoices—much like every piece in inTRO—is based on a drone-like shade of sound that fades in and out giving a sense of motion as much as staticity, while inTROpassion—less abstract—leaves place for more pianistic lyricism from Sanfilippo, retaining the contemplative quality of the composer’s music it also reflects on some of the earlier pieces of the album. inTROvisions is an insight into our perception of music. It is based on an extended melody that keeps stretching as the time goes by tightroping between electronic and acoustic. inTROpolar is another layered piece full of psychedelic colours and pearls of sounds. inTROsenses closes the album on a dramatic organ and daunting echoing voice, slowly bringing the listener back to reality.


The remaster of inTRO has given the project more resonance, space and dimension to Sanfilippo’s textural, nuanced and detailed music. It is another spiritual journey—tinted with oriental spices—and anchored in the artist’s stylistic minimalism and simplicity. There always seems to be a sacro aspect in Sanfilippo’s music—well illustrated in his last release with Dronarivm, Unity—and inTRO is another prime example of his well defined musical voice and identity.

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