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London, 2021

Borrtex is a composer that has established himself a reputation in the world of music for screen. During the past year, he has been very active in the media industry with several soundtracks, including one for the short film Dear America and music for the American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. His solo projects are an opportunity for him to release original material to his own brief. His latest album, Harmony, is the follow-up project to thōughts, released in 2019. Through twelve pieces and the uniting concept of harmony, the Czech composer takes the opportunity to create freely and express personal emotions and ideas.

The notion of harmony is to bring cohesion between disparate elements in order to obtain a rich, uniform and comprehensible result. It is following this brief that Harmony is crafted.

There is mixture of languages, cultures and styles that reflect in the music; under a modern approach, with an almost constant interplay of delay, the listener travels through groove, “Monde” and “Fluid”, melancholy, “Calme” and “Living”, swirl ,“Spiral”, and movement ,“Crossing”, uplift, “Encanto” and “Forte, and tonality, “Intro”.

This musical diversity and cohesion is also reflected in the artistic direction of Harmony. Whether in the different types of piano mixes and production, from modern close mic’d and soft piano in “Propos” and “Vera”, to more traditional sonic profiles in “Aqua”.

It feels difficult to separate Borrtex’s works as a sound designer and soundtrack composer from his personal works, as much of the music of Harmony is evocative, and immediately brings images to the mind of the listener. While this music keeps Borrtex’s identity as a creator, one can feel and hear the wish for liberty and freedom of expression. Through a universal approach – that reflects in the lexicon of the album – with a combination of languages and cultures –, the musical material and the production techniques –, the composer delivers an authentic compilation of pieces that respect the initial brief of honesty, simplicity and harmony.

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