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London, 2022

Fragments is a project finalised in 2020. It represents a compendium of miniature keyboard pieces, with some started as early as 2015. Fragments takes its originality in (i) its duality between a range of electric and acoustic keyboards and (ii) its productive nature; indeed it has been produced using Spitfire’s free softwares instruments only and sequenced on a laptop. It is therefore a fully virtual project.

“Fragment 1: “Aleatory”” uses ideas of the I-Ching. Each parameter (meter, rhythm, notes etc.) was defined using a rolling dice. “Fragment 2: “Binaries”” explores the relationship between two shifted voices. “Fragment 3: “Richter”” is a miniature homage to Max Richter. “Fragment 4: “Deutsch”” explores the idea of the Deutsch's scale illusion. “Fragment 5: “Pastiche”” is a pastiche to the classical music of the 18th Century. “Fragment 6: “Abyme”” applies the visual concept of mise en abyme. “Fragment 7: “Pointillisme”” applies the visual concept of pointillsm painting. “Fragment 8: “Blueprint”” a starting point. The skeleton of a piece to be built on. “Sequentia” is a short soundtrack for an inexistant film. “Fragment 12: “Copyright””; what is stealing, what is inspiration? This piece is built on musical cells from Tchaikovsky’s music. “Fragment 13: “Rauschenberg””, for Robert Rauschenberg. When is a piece finished? “Fragment 14: “Xenochrony””, from the concept developed by Frank Zappa. A remix of some of my works from Ballades. “Fragment 15: “Escher”” is a musical illustration to the works of M.C. Escher. “Ritmitekton” explores architectural techniques in music composition. Strongly influenced by György Ligeti and his Musica ricercata. “Fragment 21: “Iso”” explores isorhythm, a musical technique using a repeating rhythmic pattern. “Fragment 22: “Archimedes””, the Father of Mathematics. “Fragment 23: “Snowball”” is a musical snowball effect. “Fragment 24: “Mehldau”" is a miniature homage to Brad Mehldau.

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