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London, 2019

Federico Truzzi’s music life seems to be revolving around duality; whether it is by sharing his workplace between Berlin and Capri, by having studied both in the United States and Italy, or by dividing his work between composing for screen—movies, advertisements, documentaries and video games—and playing in the metal band Sleeping Romance. It is through these particularities that the composer releases Forgotten Memories, with the Italian label Blue Spiral Records. Through a choice of traditional instruments—the acoustic guitar, the piano and the string quartet—the Italian composer develops a language that is both modern and anchored in traditions.


There are four pieces in Forgotten Memories, each one complementing the other and building on the composer’s duality and personality.  Morae is a piece arranged for guitars where each part seems to blend into the other. The addition of the cello—and the rest of the quartet—provides an additional musical interest and enhances the energy of the piece. Small Memories is a lot more melancholic; melancholy which is expressed through a change of leading instrumentation to the piano. The material is once again simple and repetitive—minimalistic.  It is Truzzi’s approach to musical arrangement that captures the attention of the listener. Halfway through the EP, it becomes obvious that his music is tinted with metaphors and truly made for screen. A Light in the Mirror instantly brings images to the mind. On a musical level, it is the (lower range of the) piano that attracts the attention; a disturbing bass that growls under the tenderness of the melody. The ultimate piece of Forgotten Memories, Interlude for Winter, returns to the atmosphere of the opening; once again the musical structure allows for a balance between style and interest. 


Forgotten Memories is Truzzi’s second solo release after The Great Grey Ocean with the Swedish label Kning Disk, in 2018. A reflection of Truzzi’s own life experience, the EP alternates between the urbanity and nature, the elegance and the excitement, the delicacy and the energy. The musical storytelling of the composer ignites a desire for another piece of work with longer development and intricacies.

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