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London, 2017


Martino Vergnaghi is an Italian composer and songwriter based in Milan. His music revolves around the themes of relaxation and escape, and so does his latest EP Consolatio, released on September 21, 2017.


What first springs to mind while listening to Consolatio is its strong connection to the Italian contemporary classical aesthetics set by Ludovico Einaudi and his peers in the last quarter of the century. Both minimalistic and lyrical, Consolatio uses all the ingredients for a successful post-minimalistic musical moment.


Irish Days—my personal favorite—inspired by Vergnaghi’s time spent in Dublin, is a very simple and melodious piece based on a motivic variation that seems to grow more and more, and demonstrates an elegant use of key modulations.

Hopefully, is another very simple and charming piece of music, which funambulates towards pop music without ever quite reaching it.


Vergnaghi’s Consolatio takes us on an delicate journey, whose only flaw lies in its short duration.

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