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London, 2021

Circles is a 2021 project for solo piano which explores musical miniatures vertically, horizontally and circularly.


The piece which ignited the project is “Psalm”; commissioned for Gregory Euclide’s Thesis Recurring project and app, it is a loop which blurs the notion of beginning and end, and simply sits repeatedly. On this initial piece, I decided to develop the idea of loops, circles, through four additional pieces, two hymns and two carols. 

When seen in its integrity Circles is a project which can be experienced from its beginning to its end, with each piece fading into each other — vertically — or through each piece perceived independently, and repeated over and over — horizontally. 


Circles was commissioned by Sound in Picture for a collaboration with the Bulgarian photographer Ramble Rattle.

Listen to the album.

Buy the album.

Buy the sheet music.

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