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London, 2021

Bagatelles illustrates the wish to return to the spontaneity of some of my past works (ie, Ballades). A bagatelle is a short piece for piano of light character. 


It is also an opportunity to rectify some of the bad reputation that surrounds Liszt. More than simply a virtuoso, a true instrumental progressive, Liszt is essential in the existence of the revolution in the (French) classical music of the late 19th century and early 20th. Just as his peer Chopin, the Hungarian composer has allowed and ignited the progresses that would be observed in Wagner’s operas and Debussy’s oeuvre. Liszt seemed like a good source of inspiration for Bagatelles. 


In the end, there is perhaps a little less spontaneity that I had wished for, but the cohesion of the project is satisfying

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