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London, 2023

Alex Aller is a composer and producer based in Madrid. His music tends to live between the worlds of electronic and neoclassical — or contemporary classical. The Shelter is Aller’s refuge project; a moment for him to reconnect with his artistic self, away from the direction and creativity of others, which he is well accustomed to. In a sense, a musical break for him to return home. 


The Shelter features a range of artists and instruments, from the cello and the clarinet, to Rhodes, electronic passing by soprano, alto and tenor voices. The trio of pieces is a collection of works built from in-between moments.

From “I Found You” and its interesting choice of electric keyboard and pop elements, whilst maintaining a modern vocabulary, to “Solace” an almost 1980s-Blade-Runner soundtrack, based on single melodic cell which develops thematically and instrumentally, and “Old Walls New Walls'', an absorbing evolution of musical harmony finishing in the pop world — and closing the project's loop; The Shelter offers a lot in a short time. 


The Shelter is an opportunity for Aller to experiment and incorporate new musical elements that have stood at the back of his mind for a long time; composing and working with voices or clarinet for instance. 

If the project goes fully in its intentions, it is for the listener — or at least the insider — an introduction to the work and personality of Aller. A project which prompts to dig in, and perhaps find shelter in other of the musician’s works. 

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