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London, 2021

Landscapes is a 2021 project consisting of eight pieces for piano. A follow-up to Portraits, released in 2019. While the first project gave an opportunity to study and illustrate some of the personality traits of Doug Thomas’ favourite composers, this second release brings the intentions of the project to higher levels. 

As an autodidact composer, Doug learns by analysing and extracting what attracts him in a piece of music; each of his projects is an attempt at growing and learning from the ones that inspire him. That could not be more true of the Portraits and Landscapes series. 

This time, the four selected composers — Vivaldi, Schubert, Debussy and Stravinsky — give Doug Thomas an opportunity to explore new musical possibilities. But it is with the interpretation and production of Luca Longobardi that each piece achieves its own potential, allowing for a true reinterpretation of these past composers’ intentions. 


The artwork — by David Armes at Red Press Plate — echoes both the artwork of Portraits and the idea of visual and musical landscapes, through the place of birth of the pieces — Great Britain.


Finally, both projects would not have been possible without the support, care and keen wish for freedom of excellence of Richie Sauls at Lonely Swallow.

Listen to the album.

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