London, 2022

Додому is Ukranian for home, or more precisely going home; what the world wishes for the Ukrainians today. While we will not be able to offer the end of the war, a return to peace or any sense of serenity to the people of Ukraine — or the ones of Russia, who for the matter, have been trapped in the foolishness of the leader of their country — we aim, with our tiny hands, to bring support, resources and perhaps a breather to all the ones that suffer. Light over darkness. 


We are over a hundred musicians from all around the world, and from all backgrounds, who have compiled a selection of music which spans over multiple volumes, in support of the victims of the war in Ukraine. 


Support them by downloading Домому — one or all of its volumes! All profits are directed to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Spread the word. Truth will prevail. 


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